Esperanza Huayama’s visit


In June 2017, I helped organize Esperanza Huayama’s visit to Britain to present on the case of the victims of forced sterilization in Peru during the 1990.
We had the support of the Peru Support Group and the University of Kent and held events at Amnesty International, the Houses of Parliament, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and with the press.

Posted by Ines Ruiz on Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Presentation at Amnesty International 20 June 2017
With Baroness Jean Coussins at the Houses of Parliment 22 June 2017
Ines Ruiz and Esperanza

Dr. Ines Ruiz wrote her PhD under my supervision on the issue of Forced Sterilization in Peru, she has worked tirelessly to support the victims and in 2017 she traveled with Esperanza to London.

Ines Ruiz’s Documentary Una voz esteril 2013

Article in the Guardian quoting the work of Inés Ruíz

This is the Quipu interactive documentary where Esperanza played a very important role in getting more women to participate.

Talk in Woman’s Hour, minute 9:19


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