Alberto Fujimori was elected president of Peru in June 1990, on 5 April 1992 he closed Congress and took control of the country. He was re-elected president in 1995 and ran again in 2000 when many considered he committed fraud to be elected yet again.
In September 2000 videos appeared of his closest advisor Vladimiro Montesinos illegally paying a congressman to join Fujimori’s side.
Mired in accusations of corruption Fujimori resigned the presidency via fax from Japan in November 2000 and an interim government was appointed.
All attempts to extradite Fujimori from Japan failed, but in November 2005 he traveled to Chile, where he was taken into house arrest and eventually extradited to Peru to face trial.
In April 2009 he was found guilty of human rights abuses and jailed for 25 years.
In December 2017 he was given a presidential pardon that was rescinded in March 2018.
Over the years I have written about Fujimori, and campaigned in the search for justice.

In 2009 I wrote these reflections after Fujimori was convicted for human rights abuses


In 2011 I wrote this article for Argumentos
In 2017, I resigned to be a member of the Congressional Commission on the Peruvian Bicentennial of Independence in protest to Fujimori’s pardon
There was a big response to my letter, here the one in Twitter


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